Graham-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)

Guarding Data Integrity, Confidentiality and Availability


Prevention Measures



§   Thorough and proactive risk analysis

§   Network Vulnerability Assessment

§   System Risk Assessments

§   Penetration Testing

§   Patch Management

§   Sound security policies

§   Security Policy Formulation

§   Security Policy Review

§   Well-designed security system architecture

§   Network Security Architecture Review

§   Security System Design

§   Properly configured firewalls


§   Firewall Installation and Integration

§   SilverBack Firewall Monitoring

§   Strong authentication programs

§   Design and Implementation of Authentication Systems

§   Proactive vulnerability assessments

§   Network Vulnerability Assessment

§   Windows Intrusion Monitoring

§   Vulnerability Scanning

§   Patch Management

§   Regular penetration tests by an independent party

§   Penetration Testing

§   Employee security awareness and training

§   Security Policy Training

§   Security Awareness Training

 Detection Measures



§   Ongoing monitoring of information system to determine if system has been compromised, misused or accessed by unauthorized individuals

§   Security Design and Implementation of Security

§   Monitoring Systems

§   Off-site Monitoring and Management

§   Intrusion Detection Systems

§   Intrusion Monitoring/Alerting

 Response Measures



§   Effective incident response program

§   Emergency response to breaches


§   Security Incident Response