How is Managed Services going to cost me less than what I am spending now?


·      Efficiencies of the tools

·      Remote remediation

·      In addition to decreasing labor expenses, reducing the chances of downtime can have huge financial implications.


Can a client mix plans? In other words, a client may want to monitor only certain devices, and have management and monitoring on others.


Yes, we can create a customized mixture plan. 


Can a client cover some equipment and not others?




What gets installed at a client site?


An agent is installed on each server.


What kind of devices does UpTym Networks manage?


Windows servers (physical and VM)

Cisco routers, switches, firewalls and other networking equipment

HP switches


Backup and anitvirus applications



What is Event Log Monitoring?


“Event logging” is the method by which Microsoft Windows reports on status information on the operating system, the security system and on any applications running on the system being monitored.  Monitoring comes into play as CTG ’s value-added ability to automatically alert on only the most relevant “events,” consolidate events from multiple servers, and present them in a relevant and actionable format.


What performance data is collected?


Network I/O, CPU, RAM and disk via perfmon on Windows servers

CPU, memory, interface I/O via SNMP on network devices


Do I have to use Exchange to be alerted on faults?


No, you can be alerted via any email system that supports SMTP to receive real-time alerts in your email account.


What is ‘conditional alerting’?


There are two distinct, separate uses of conditional alerting:


·      First, you can monitor if an event or best practice did NOT happen in an anticipated time period such as back-up processes or the re-keying of VPNs.  This extremely precise monitoring assures you’re notified of “silent failures” and allows you to take the necessary steps to proactively maintain continuous operations.


·      Second, you can set notifications so that you are alerted ONLY if you see the same event occur more than x times in a set time period.  This is especially useful with security and firewall management.  As an example, you may not be able to characterize an event as a Denial of Service attack until you confirm the same event has occurred 20 times in one minute.  UpTym Networks’ conditional alerting eliminates significant portions of the noise frequently associated with security logs, only alerting you to meaningful events defined by the frequency of occurrence. 


You’re also able to assure that operations staff and clients adhere to the best practices that lead to optimal performance.  Conditional alerting is user-customizable based on the client’s specific environment and user requirements.